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Tokyo Metro Exit Guide App


Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. launched MetroLab to create solutions for passengers to use Tokyo Metro subway stations smoothly and comfortably. For its first application, MetroLab developed this exit-guide app that guides users to exits and station facilities in Omote-sando Station and Nihombashi Station. Instead of maps, the app refers to simple information about signposts along the way. The app syncs with Android Wear, so users can confirm signposts just by looking at their watches. With this station exit and facility guide app, people who do not like using maps can find their way without trouble by following signs and signposts. Give it a try!Advantages
With the Exit Guide, you can confirm the location of the closest exit to your destination before using the station. Simply specify your destination and the app displays the names of the fare gate and exit you need. By confirming names and guide signs in the station along the way, you can reach the exit or facility you want without trouble or error.
If you are using an Android Wear, the watch will sync with a destination entered on your Android device to guide you with a series of displays. Instead of trying to read your smartphone as you walk, you can confirm the signposts to the exit or other destination by checking your watch.
If you proceed in the wrong direction for the exit you set, Bluetooth beacons installed throughout the station notify you with a "push" notice or vibration.
Help Us to Make Your User Experience BetterWhen you quit the Tokyo Metro Exit Guide App, a dialog appears on the screen asking you to rate the app on a scale from 1 to 5. To help us improve this service in the future, please let us know what you think of this app.
Looking at your smartphone while walking is dangerous. Before using the app, please stop walking and check your surroundings.
At Omote-sando and Nihombashi Stations, Bluetooth beacons are used to judge your route. Before using this app, please turn Bluetooth ON.
From time to time the app judges whether you are going the right way or not and sends a Push notification. Before using this app, please permit Push notifications.
Certain content requires wireless communication. Communication charges incurred when using the app are borne by the user.
Tokyo Metro does not guarantee correct operation when using the app on a tablet device.
If your device is low on memory, the app may not operate correctly.
If the app does not operate correctly, confirm the amount of memory available on the device and try again.
In locations where signal reception is poor, the app may not operate correctly.
If the app does not operate correctly, move to an environment with better signal reception and try again.